How Can I Stop Harassing Calls From Bill Collectors?

Stop Calls From Bill Collectors

Anyone who has ever been the victim of nasty or harassing phone calls from bill collectors knows that those calls can be not only bothersom but in many cases extremely unsettling, frightening and even intimidating. Questions arise in your mind. Can they really do what they threaten? Can they really come take my stuff? Is it O.K. for them to call me at work? Do I have to put up with this? Don’t I get credit for all the payments I have made over the years?

Worse still is the name-calling. Nobody likes to be called a deadbeat or a loser, but that’s just what some bill collectors do. You always paid your bills in the past. You work hard. You are honest. You don’t deserve this treatment.

The bottom line is that the bill collector will say whatever it takes to get you to write a check. And the more the bill collector gets the impression that you are uncomfortable the more the bill collectors likes it. Why? The bill collector¬†knows you want to pay your bills and that you feel terrible if you don’t – and they feed off of this. The more uncomfortable the bill collector can make you, the more likely you will write him a check just to get him off your back. You see it’s all about money. It always is. Think about it. Nice bill collectors who feel sorry for people don’t stay in the business. So, who’s left? The ones who just don’t care about you or what you think.

Worst of all are the embarrassing calls you get at work. These calls are not only embarrassing. If the calls continue, they can lose you your job. So what do you do?

Want to stop those harassing phone calls? You can, but it may take filing bankruptcy. What’s the alternative? If you don’t file bankruptcy it’s more or less open season on you and your feelings. The nasty calls keep coming and even though the law says bill collectors can only call you at certain times and certain places these rules get violated every day, on a regular basis. Why? Because these laws are hard to enforce and don’t have the “teeth” they should. The penalties for violating them are small compared to the money to be collected by violating them. And this all assumes you can figure out who made the call and from where. Is it any wonder than some bill collectors use fake names and that many bill collectors call from outside your State? Who are you going to sue? You don’t really know who called you.

Filing bankruptcy changes all that. The Federal Bankruptcy laws are so powerful that even nasty bill collectors come under control. You file and the calls come to a halt taking only the days or weeks necessary for word to make it to the bill collectors. How does this happen? As soon as you file, the Bankruptcy Court issues an order telling all bill collectors to leave you alone. And they do. Why? Because nobody wants to be dragged in front of a Federal Judge upon a Contempt of Court charge.

If you can’t pay all your bills, and the calls at home and work have gotten out of control and you’re stressed to the max, you have a choice: Do nothing and live with the stress – or look into filing bankruptcy and¬†stop the calls cold.

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